Terms & Conditions

§1. General
CAPARICA INVEST AB (556998-1755) only enters into agreements with adults (18 years). If you are a minor, the parent's permission is required.

Agreements are entered into when you choose to send an order at checkout. At the same time as you do this, the information about you that is required for us to be able to contact you and deliver your goods is saved. This information is protected from external access unless we explicitly ask you to do so. We comply with GDPR legislation and you can request the information we have received about you when ordering at any time. You will find complete information about our handling of personal data under §10 Personal data.

If you use the cash register via Klarna, they will save information about you in order to complete your payment as below. Your personal information is protected against external intrusion and is never available to third parties.

Excerpt from Klarna's data protection policy: "Klarna protects your personal privacy, which means that we always collect and handle personal data responsibly with your privacy in mind. This data protection policy explains how we collect and use your personal information when you use Klarna's services (the "Services") and in connection with you becoming a Klarna user. It also describes your rights and how you can enforce them.

The data protection policy describes how we handle your personal data in all our services. Therefore, it is important that you read and understand our data protection policy before using our services - especially the parts that apply to the of Klarna's services you intend to use. "

You will find Klarna's complete data protection policy via a link at checkout.

We reserve the right to in the event of errors, eg price or printing error to correct the error afterwards. If you are not satisfied with our correction, you can of course cancel your order free of charge. We also reserve the right not to place an order for eg the product is out of stock or in case of technical problems.

All goods remain the property of CAPARICA INVEST AB until full payment has been received by the company.

CAPARICA INVEST AB reserves the right to cancel a purchase if fraud is suspected.

§2 Delivery terms
We do our utmost to ensure that your product is available to you as soon as possible. We strive to pack and ship all goods from our warehouse within 12 hours on weekdays. In rare cases, delivery times may be slightly longer. We will contact you in case of any delays.

If the outer packaging is damaged, do not accept the package and report this to the driver or postal agent. At the slightest doubt, contact us.

If, against all odds, you discover that something is missing or damaged when you open the consignment, this must be reported to us at the earliest possible opportunity.

CAPARICA INVEST AB sends a delivery confirmation to the email address or telephone number you provided before we send the goods to you. If the package is lost during transport, you must notify our Customer Service within a reasonable time and this means as soon as possible in case of suspicion of lost package.

Delivery method
Delivery with Postnord to your nearest service point for collection or for smaller packages to your mailbox.

All our shipments can be tracked via the forwarder. To collect packages over SEK 2,000 (€ 200), you must be able to show valid identification.

Any delivery delays or final sales will be notified by e-mail. If you are not satisfied with a new specified delivery date, you always have the right to cancel your order free of charge. We cannot offer any form of compensation due to a delivery delay or final sale.

We reserve the right to change your chosen delivery method at times we believe another alternative is more efficient.

Uncollected package

For non-triggered packages with a product value of less than SEK 500, we will deduct SEK 190 on your refund, for non-triggered packages with a product value of more than SEK 500, we will deduct SEK 290 on your refund to cover costs incurred.

Customs outside the EU (excluding Norway)

Those who live outside the EU with partner countries may pay customs duties and the VAT rate that applies in the country of destination. Payment of VAT and customs will be handled by the shipping company.

§3 Payment
Card payment
You can pay with Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Choose card payment and follow the instructions.

The goods are sent as soon as they are ready for delivery and only then is the payment made in full and no extra fee is charged.

Regardless of whether you choose to pay via Klarna or PayPal, all of these meet the requirements for PCI DSS. You can be bound, depending on the type of card, to connect it to either the Mastercard Secure Code or Verified by VISA. You usually do this at your internet bank or through a separate login if you have a non-bank-linked card. You also have to fill in your CVC code, which you will find on the back of the card or on the front of American Express. All our payment types are secure and use SSL certificates where applicable required.

We offer payment by invoice via our partner Klarna. When you choose to pay against an invoice, a credit information is entered on your social security number. A comparison between social security numbers and the population registration address is also made. If you do not want the goods delivered to your population registration address, please use another payment option. No invoicing fee will be added (SEK 0). Payment terms 14 days. In the event of late payment, a reminder fee is paid (the amount allowed by law currently SEK 50) and default interest of 2% per month + applicable reference interest.

Partial payment
We offer partial payment in collaboration with Klarna. 0% interest for installments up to 12 months. You can shop for SEK 1,000 up to SEK 100,000 and you can pay the entire remaining debt at any time during the partial payment period. You make your application for partial payment at the checkout in connection with your purchase and you will be notified immediately if your application has been approved. Delivery takes place only to the registered address. Klarna will send an account agreement to your home. Check that the information is correct and sign the agreement and return it in the enclosed reply envelope. The effective interest rate for purchases of SEK 10,000 with 0% interest for 12 months is 12.31%. Your application will give rise to a customary credit check.

§4 Right of withdrawal
We offer a 14-day right of return and exchange from the time you order the product, provided that the product is unused and in new condition together with any original packaging. The outer packaging must be undamaged and all parts must be included in the return. For hygienic reasons, earrings are sealed, in the event of broken sealing, open purchase or exchange rights do not apply. Remember to be careful and keep in mind that products made of mulberry silk can easily get stains. We cannot accept products in return that are in any way damaged or stained.

All exchanges are free. An exchange means that you choose to buy a new item. Any difference is refunded. If you return a larger number of items than you exchange to, it is not defined as an exchange but as a repurchase.

You can return your item to CAPARICA INVEST AB free of charge within 14 days of ordering the item.

Our returns for regular goods are free as long as you follow our return instructions.

If you complain about your product due to damage or incorrect production, we will make a manual assessment and request the product. According to the Consumer Purchase Act, you always have a 3-year right to make a complaint about all goods, this of course applies to all our products.

The first step in a complaint is to try to fix the error. If this is not possible and the complaint is approved, we will replace you with a new product. Mulberry silk is fragile and should always be washed carefully and according to our washing instructions. We do not take responsibility for products where the customer has not followed our washing instructions.

If we do not have the opportunity to replace you with a similar item, you have the right to cancel the purchase and get the money refunded.

Refunds are normally made within 14 working days of receiving and approving your return. We can only make a refund in the same way and to the same account that was used at the time of purchase.

Please enter here to make a return.

Contact information for right of withdrawal and complaint:
Email: lenoites@lenoites.com

§7 Assortment
CAPARICA INVEST AB reserves the right to make changes in the range and has the right to remove items from the range before a purchase has been completed. We reserve the right to any final sale of goods in the range. For example, a product found on our website may not be available or, where applicable, have the wrong price as we rely on our subcontractors, we reserve in these cases to be able to cancel an order or offer a similar product to the customer.

CAPARICA INVEST AB reserves the right to make typographical errors in texts on this website. We also do not guarantee that all images accurately reflect the true appearance of the products. CAPARICA INVEST AB reserves the right to adjust prices and any price errors.

§8 Force Majeure
CAPARICA INVEST AB is exempt from sanction for failure to fulfill a certain obligation under this agreement, if the failure is based on a liberating circumstance as below and the circumstance prevents, complicates or delays the fulfillment. As a liberating circumstance shall be considered ia government action or omission, new or changed legislation, conflict in the labor market, blockade, fire, flood, sabotage, major accident or other type of natural disaster. Force majeure includes government decisions that affect the market and products negatively, eg restrictions in indication, warning texts, sales bans, etc., abnormal decline in the market and if the company is exposed to criminal activity that affects the business.

§9 Disputes
Complaints or comments regarding CAPARICA INVEST AB's services or products should be notified to CAPARICA INVEST AB's customer service via lenoites@lenoites.com. If you are not satisfied with our handling of your case, you are welcome to contact your local consumer counselor or the General Complaints Board (ARN). We always follow ARN's recommendations. You can also turn to the EU's dispute resolution.

§10 Personal data
We need to save and process personal information about you, such as name, address, email, telephone number and social security number. The purpose of such treatment is to be able to satisfy the services you want from us, such as distributing purchased products, handling service matters or further service after orders.

We have received your information from your contact with us. This can be a web form, email contact, phone calls or orders. We apply the applicable privacy legislation at all times in all processing of personal data. The legal basis for processing your personal data is the consent you have given when interacting with us (accepted our terms). Your information will be saved as long as there is relevance in the individual case and we have fulfilled our commitment. For example, information from ordering mailings is deleted as soon as it has been completed, information on the purchase of goods is saved as long as there is relevance to the goods' lifespan.

The personal data we process about you is shared with companies within the same group and, if necessary, partners (only those who have entered into an assistant agreement). We may also share your personal information with a third party, provided that we are required to do so by law.

The person responsible for personal data is CAPARICA INVEST AB. You have the right to contact us if you want information about the information we have about you, to request correction, transfer or to request that we limit the processing, to make an objection.