Sustainability progress

Food chain
As a small company, our influence over certain parts of our supply chain is limited. We are proud of the close cooperation we have with all our parties where we work together to be able to make progress.

We have actively chosen to be classic, which means that we have no limited time to produce and deliver. Our products are not fashion or seasonal sensitive. Our aim is that our products should not be stressed out and thus we can make as environmentally conscious choices as possible.

We follow government agencies' updates, frameworks and advice. In the future, we strive to be able to work closely with an organization that can help us choose paths that reduce our environmental footprint even more. Today we are too small to be able to actively work with a good environmental organization strategist, instead we thus gather as much updates, advice and guidance as possible.

We are a small team - but what we lack in time we do out of pure passion. We know there is no quick fix but we are determined to build sustainable practices as Lenoites grows.

Wise heads together
If you have any ideas on how we can improve our company, we will be very happy if you hear from us. Contact us by follow this link.