Sustainability Promises


We promise that ...

Be cautious
To put sustainable development at the center of our business strategy, strive to optimize all production and operations to reduce the impact we have on people and the planet.

Always be passionate
Our ideology is that if a product has been made with love and passion, if it has integrity and if it has not harmed either humans or the planet, then the product is more beautiful, more valuable and ultimately a product that can be inherited. We manufacture products that we truly believe in. Not all products can be kept as they are beauty consumables. However, we always strive to make these products as durable as possible.

Replace plastic
We work to find alternatives to plastic and replace them with earth-friendly alternatives. Our hope is that Lenoites in the future can eliminate the use of plastic in the entire business. In some cases, a plastic-free solution is not yet available, then we promise to make informed decisions that take into account the effect of the plastic we use.

Natural fiber
We will continue to fight for the use of natural fibers in our products so that they can eventually return to the earth. We are proud that many of our products consist of over 100% natural fibers. We work actively with the remaining products to turn and twist how they can become even more nature-friendly.