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How To Curl Your Lashes Like A Pro

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How To Curl Your Lashes Like A Pro

Many people like to have long, voluminous and perfectly curled lashes when we leave home. But how do you keep your lashes looking their best all day? Here, we've rounded up the best tips from some of the most talented makeup artists in the business.

Before you start

Before each use, check the curler and make sure the top and bottom of the curler are aligned with the pad. Do not reshape or bend the frame of the eyelash curler. Make sure the pad is in shape. If the pad is deformed, use a new pad.

How you get to the technique

1. The first step is to make sure your lashes are as clean as possible before applying mascara. This will prevent them from being damaged or broken off. If you have not applied mascara, you can also bend them as many times as you wish without them being damaged.

2. To get maximum effect, work with one eye at a time. Bend one eye and apply mascara immediately after. Continue with the next eye. This means that your lashes will stay up longer and you will achieve maximum volume.

3. Try to get as far in as possible with the forceps and as close to the lash line as possible.

4. Many make up artists also gently bend the eyelash curler outwards so that the lashes curl upwards and inwards. To know you're curling correctly, you should see the waterline on the upper lash line.

5. Gently press a few times and release to get the best possible bend. You shouldn't press hard once and release without pressure - release and repeat until you get the effect you want.

6. Make sure all your lashes are inside the frame of the eyelash curler. If there are any lashes missing, redo. For the most beautiful results, it is important that all lashes are bent the same amount and in the same way.

7. After curling your lashes, apply mascara immediately as described in step 1.

Which eyelash curler should I choose?

What often separates a good eyelash curler from a bad one is the pad. The pad is what your lashes rest against when they are pressed against the frame. If the pad is made of a cheap material, your lashes will not only be damaged, they can also be cut off. If you have a good pad, your lashes will be pressed with rebound to get a beautiful bend.

An eyelash curler where you don't have to put your fingers through holes is not only more ergonomic, but also reduces the risk of you accidentally getting your fingers caught in the eyelash curler and tearing off your lashes.

Makeup artists extra pro tips

• Many people like to blow hot air on the eyelash curler to get more curl and a result that lasts longer. The recommendation is to blow with a hot hair dryer for about 10-15 seconds. Always place the eyelash curler against your inner wrist before using it to ensure it is not too hot, otherwise there is a risk of burning yourself.

• Make sure the eyelash curler is clean before using it on your lashes. Even if you only use it on clean, make sure it is free of bacteria.

• Use an eyelash serum regularly to give your lashes a boost. This is especially important if you use mascara or curl your lashes often. The serum will help you strengthen the lashes and make them longer and denser.