Is it dangerous to use eyelash serum?

One question we get quite often is whether it is dangerous to use our eyelash serum and if it hurts your eyes. This is a common question because many of our customers who have tried other serums before have experienced irritation and itchiness. Our serum consists of 15 all-natural ingredients, and irritation is therefore very rare, but there is always a small risk when a new beauty product is introduced to your routine.

If irritation occurs, it is often due to applying too much of the product per application. So if you know that you have sensitive skin, and usually react to new products, we would recommend using the eyelash serum every other day for a week or two. Then continue with daily use of Lenoites ® Eyelash Activating Serum according to the instructions.

But as I said, this is very rare and the reactions from Lenoites users have so far been very positive:

"I have had bad experience with other eyelash serums with itchy and watery eyes, so I am already very happy with Leonites!" - Jeanette

“I am so incredibly happy and I can continue to go and do lashlift without my lashes being damaged by the serum. Does not hurt when you put it on !!! Love it!" - S.C.

“I was skeptical about trying as I did not experience that other eyelash serums worked on me and that it itched my eyes so much. But tested this serum and WOW! ” - E.M.

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