Lenoites is giving voice through beauty as a direct-to-consumer company that leverages the power of personal narrative to own the beauty conversation on the internet.

As a brand that puts quality first, Lenoites is redefining the beauty industry by fusing the insights of our community with our beauty-editor expertise (Laila Högfeldt) to create a line of intuitive, enjoyable products that take care of you and work hard for you, not the other way around.

The traditional beauty industry has historically been based on experts telling you, the customer, what products you should or shouldn’t be using. Lenoites believe that beauty is as much of an element of personal style as fashion. Therefore, we design products with your real beauty routine in mind. Together, we’re bringing the experience of shopping for, and talking about, beauty into the future.


We want to practice inclusion by building and developing a diverse team. We seek out different perspectives, listen intently, and collaborate with empathy.

Devoted to the Customer

We work to create magical experiences for our customers. We strive to earn our community’s trust, and to bring them joy, with each decision we make.


We challenge our assumptions, ask questions, and grow from our mistakes. We eagerly learn in order to broaden our knowledge and better understand the world around us.


We think big, take risks, and know that courage fuels innovation. We speak up to share ideas and solve challenges, and we encourage each other to do the same.


We apply rigorous thinking and integrity in the pursuit of excellence. We understand the “why”, nurture healthy debate, and see around corners to make decisions that yield the best outcomes.

Open Roles

Influencer & Social Media Manager i Borås