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Silk compared to satin, viscose and bamboo


Silk compared to satin, viscose and bamboo. Mulberry silk is grown in mulberry trees and the production process takes place under supervision. This means that the silkworms spin the threads round, fine, even and uniform.

Mulberry silk is the world's longest natural fiber and can be as long as 1700 meters. Because the production process is controlled, the mulberry silk is created ideally. The threads become uniform, which gives the silk a beautiful luster, shine and smoothness that is impossible to find in any other fabric. The accuracy also makes mulberry silk a more durable material compared to regular silk.

Bamboo, cotton, polyester, viscose etc. cannot be compared to silk as the fibers are significantly shorter. The shorter the fibers in a material, the more fiber ends stick out of the thread, which creates friction. Because mulberry silk has the world's longest fibers, the fabric is soft, supple and almost free of fiber ends. Because the fabric is woven with extreme precision, the fibers lie next to each other as filaments.

The positive effects that mulberry silk has on skin and hair cannot be found in any other material. Silk compared to satin, viscose and bamboo cannot therefore be compared fairly.

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