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Sofia Richie's Sleek Bun, In a more gentle way for Your Hair!

Sofia Richie's Sleek Bun, In a more gentle way for Your Hair!

Sofia Richie has been gaining significant popularity on TikTok recently, where she shares her fashion choices, beauty tips, and her particularly trendy 'wet sleek bun'. We absolutely adore her style, but there's a concern – just how gentle is this hairstyle for your hair? We'll delve into the reasons behind this concern and offer you a more hair-friendly and simplified way to achieve the same sleek bun look.

How Sofia does it: Sofia creates her viral sleek bun on freshly washed, wet hair. She begins by applying a regenerating hair mask, then combs through with a boar bristle brush. Next, she pulls her hair into a tight ponytail, starting with the back half and then the front, and twists the ends into a bun. Finally, she adds some hair oil for shine.

Sophia Richie sleek bun

The concern: "Honestly, because it started wet, it is so secured onto your head," Sofia says at the end of her tutorial. This concerns us because wet hair is incredibly fragile and susceptible to breakage, especially when subjected to brushing, pulling, and twisting. These actions can even cause damage to dry hair, but the potential for breakage becomes much worse when dealing with wet hair. Our hair can be likened to an elastic band, and when it is wet, it becomes more stretchy.

How to make it in a more gentle way: Firstly, it is important to avoid creating a sleek bun on wet hair to prevent damage. Instead, choose dry or slightly damp hair. Next, use our Hair Brush Wild Boar, similar to the one Sofia uses, as it is ideal for sleek styles due to its gentle natural bristles that minimize breakage and create a polished look.

To create the sleek bun, start by sectioning off the back half of your hair to determine how high you would like the bun to be. Then, take the front half and comb it back to meet the back section. To secure the bun, consider using our Mulberry Silk Skinny Scrunchies. These scrunchies are compact like regular hair ties but won't cause damage to your hair due to their gentle material. For a more elevated and stylish look, you could also try our Mulberry Silk Scrunchie in your preferred color.

For styling, apply a texture spray both before and after achieving your desired look to enhance the sleekness of the bun and help it maintain its shape. If you have baby hairs, using hair wax can be beneficial. Finally, finish off with a hair oil to achieve that Sofia-worthy shine.

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