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The Ultimate Guide To Applying Eyelash Serum - My Tips and Tricks

The Ultimate Guide To Applying Eyelash Serum - My Tips and Tricks

Long, beautiful lashes are incredibly beautiful in my opinion, but not everyone is naturally blessed with them. Fortunately, there are lash serums to the rescue, which stimulate the growth of lashes and give them a longer and denser look. In this blog post, I'll walk you through the steps to properly apply lash serum and give some of my favorite tips and tricks to help you maximize the benefits of your lash serum.

Step-by-step guide to applying eyelash serum:

1. Cleanse your face: Before applying eyelash serum, make sure your face is clean and makeup free. Dirt, oil and make-up residues can inhibit the effect of the serum.

2. Shake the serum bottle: Shake the bottle gently before use to ensure even distribution of the ingredients.

3. Apply sparingly: You don't need to drench your lashes in serum. Apply a small amount along the lash line, focusing on the roots. Use the serum's applicator brush for good precision.

4. Start at the base: Start applying the serum in the outer corner of the eye and work towards the inner corner. This helps prevent excess product from getting into your eyes.

5. Let it absorb: After applying the serum, give it a moment to fully absorb before moving on to the rest of your skin care routine.

Pro tips and tricks:

1. Consistency is key: To see optimal results, apply lash serum consistently every night. Regular use helps maintain the overall health and appearance of your lashes.

2. Give it time: Eyelash growth serums usually show results within 8-12 weeks of consistent use. Be patient and remember that each person's results may vary. Our natural eyelash growth happens in different phases, and depending on which phase your lashes are in when you start using the serum, it can affect how quickly you see results. Being patient and continuously using the lash serum as recommended is the key to achieving the desired effect and keeping your lashes beautiful and long over time.

3. Don't overuse: Avoid the temptation to apply too much serum thinking it will speed up the process. Overuse of eyelash serum can lead to irritation and take away its benefits.

4. Store it properly: Store the eyelash serum in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its effectiveness. Preferably not in bathrooms where the temperature often goes up and down.

5. Combine with other lash-enhancing techniques: Use an eyelash curler or mascara to intensify your new lash growth and make your eyes stand out even more. If you want to get a synergistic effect, I recommend Lenoites Activating Eyelash Serum Mascara, it contains 83% eyelash serum and cares for the lashes during the day. In this way, you get nourishment with lash serum in the evening and with serum in mascara form during the day.


With these steps and pro tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to achieving longer, fuller lashes. Remember that patience and consistency are key when using eyelash serum. Over time, you'll notice a significant improvement in the appearance of your lashes, making them a great focal point in your beauty routine. The best thing you can do for your lashes is to give them love and care with a high-quality lash serum. With a little patience and precision, your dream eyelashes will become reality.